Venus And Jupiter Will Appear Next To Each Other In The Sky Tonight

Venus And Jupiter Will Appear Next To Each Other In The Sky Tonight

It seems we should be keeping our fingers crossed for a clear sky this evening, as lucky stargazers could catch a glimpse of Venus and Jupiter side-by-side.

According to NASA, Venus is the closest planet to Earth, as at its furthest it's only 162 million miles away from us. Jupiter, however, is extremely distant. At their closest point, Earth and Jupiter are 365 miles apart, and at their furthest, a whopping 601 million miles away.

Today, though, we could spot the two planets together. According to the Alma Observatory, to catch a glimpse of the two behemoths, you must "look to the west" at around sunset time.

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Tania de Sales Marques, from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, spoke to the the Mail Online about the occurrence, saying they "will be at about 1.2 degrees apart – just a bit more than the width of your little finger at arm’s length".

"Two points of light have been adorning the south-western sky just around sunset and to the avid observer they might appear to be moving closer every day. These points of light are in fact the planets Venus and Jupiter and they will come closest together in the sky on November 24," she continued.

Credit: Pexels

"As the planets will be setting soon after sunset they will appear very low in the sky, so one will have to find somewhere with an unobstructed view of the horizon and face the south-west direction."

Venus and Jupiter will not meet this way again until February of 2021.