Stunning footage shows drone flying in the shape of a giant aeroplane

Stunning footage shows drone flying in the shape of a giant aeroplane

Flight displays of any sort are always impressive, but incredible footage emerging from China may just have set a new standard. Shot at the annual Nanchang Flight Convention, the remarkable clip shows a series of extraordinary drone formations, where around 800 individual machines are choreographed to perfection in order to create huge depictions of planes, helicopters and other machines in the sky. The results are spectacular.

The displays, which were orchestrated in order to show off the Nanchang region’s latest advances in terms of aviation and transportation, were watched by stunned onlookers. Included as part of the demonstration were depictions of a fighter jet and attack chopper, as well as two enormous airliners that mirrored each other perfectly. 

According to The Daily Star, the event was observed Yin Meigen, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee. Mr Meigen said that the displays not only constituted the first high-level comprehensive aviation exhibition in the region, but also were an example of Nanchang’s high-quality aviation industry. 

Watch a man use a drone to go fishing:

Though the recent display was undoubtedly amazing, it wasn’t China’s most ambitious drone-related performance. That accolade goes to the country’s world record-breaking drone flight held in Shaanxi province back in 2018, held to commemorate the region’s capital, Xi’an. 

According to the official Guinness World Records website, as part of the 2018 effort:

“1,374 drones took to the air to effectively become high-tech pixels and help create a number of colourful scenes including Xi'an City Wall, Silk Road, Dayan Tower, the number 1,374, high speed rail and Xi'an flower, the pomegranate.”

“The attempt took place on Sunday 29 April, ahead of a public demonstration (which wasn't an official record attempt) on Tuesday 1 May as part of China's Labour Day celebrations when the certificate presentation took place.”