This creepy hidden map inside your iPhone records everywhere you go

This creepy hidden map inside your iPhone records everywhere you go

Ever since the Facebook data breach that rocked the world a few weeks ago, we've all become obsessed with the idea that we're constantly being watched. If you're under the age of 28, I guarantee that your parents have been asking you about the dangers and perils of using social media and smartphones. "But if I'm emailing you in Whatsapp," they will say, unaware of what Whatsapp actually is, "will Martin Zuckooburger be able to see what I'm saying, and sell it?"

Of course, given the nature of the breach, these worries are completely understandable. But, no, Zuckerburg isn't watching our Whatsapp and even if he was, he wouldn't be interested in your mom's conversations regarding laundry detergents and your aunt's hernia.

But, as we all know, technology is constantly gathering data on us, and it's undoubtedly alarming. One device that will know more about you and your habits than you do yourself, is your iPhone.

Mapping services on phones have long been able to identify where you're going and how long you hang around there, but Apple users may be concerned to learn that their beloved phones actually plot a map of their movements that they can access.

If you open the map, the amount of information that your device is collecting on you is shocking. It tracks the date and time of your visits to particular locations and it also reveals how long you stayed in each location. The feature has existed since Apple launched iOS 7 and will no doubt feature on the majority of iPhone devices. The map, which is called Significant Locations, is automatically enabled, meaning that a large part of iPhone users will not be aware of its presence.

In order to access the map, head to privacy, then location services, scroll down to system services, then down to Significant Locations.

There, you will find a disconcerting amount of data about you. It will name the places you've been and how long you were there to the minute.

While Apple has claimed that the data exists on your device only, with them claiming that it cannot be accessed by other companies or security services, it has raised some questions. As most smart-phones are internet enabled, there are concerns that hackers could gain access to the information.

Previously, before Apple bought in fingerprint technology, there was also the worry that anybody who steals or finds the phone may be able to find out the home address of the victim.

If you don't want Apple to continue to collect this data, you can simply turn Significant Locations off. However, be warned, downloading some apps such as Uber will turn the location services back on.

So there you have it, you are constantly being watched. Also, I would like to add that I haven't been to Subway 45 times in the past 8 months, my gym is located above one. Honestly.