This is how you can get £15 off at GAME without even leaving the house

This is how you can get £15 off at GAME without even leaving the house

If we're being honest, some of the best weekends are often spent propped up on the sofa with snacks and enough Coca Cola to sink a battleship, playing your favourite video games.

Is there any better escapism than being taken away to a myriad of different worlds and scenarios and being complicit in each and every one? Well thanks to TopCashback, you can enjoy a whopping £15 to spend at GAME to help feed your gaming addiction.

One minute you could be Lionel Messi, tackling your way past defender after hapless defender, the next a hero in a long lost land, fighting mythical creatures for ill-gotten gains.

Father and son playing video games Credit: Getty

So why not invite a load of your friends over and plunge into the next big gaming release - which you will be able to buy for cheaper than you otherwise might - with the help of TopCashback.

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So if you're looking for the perfect gift for a mate - or for yourself, for that matter - then treat yourself with £15 cashback at GAME. You might be able to get something else you wouldn't have been able to afford before, or simply make a tidy saving on the next big release.

How do you go about getting this £15 cashback offer? Well, it's really quite simple. Merely click through to the TopCashback site and sign up as a new TopCashback member. You'll then be directed over to the offer page, where you can select the £15 cashback on a £15 or more spend at GAME. Once selected, make a purchase on the GAME website as you would normally. Within 14 days of your purchase, you will receive £15 cashback which can be withdrawn to your bank account! It’s worth remembering that gift cards are not part of the offer.

Why spend money on train fares and over-crowded pubs this weekend, when you can get all sorts of gaming magic instead?