Cheeky bear steals woman's takeaway from unattended car

Cheeky bear steals woman's takeaway from unattended car

Anyone who has spent any time house sharing knows to keep an eye on the horizon for food vultures.

Certain kind of housemates know no boundaries when it comes to the fridge, grabbing anything and everything, as long as it is in date. It is infuriating. However, no matter how annoying food vultures may be, at least they won’t put your life in danger if you catch them in the act. When that kind of thief comes knocking, you’re better off leaving them to it. 

Credit: Pixabay

Fortunately for real estate agent Lobin Frizzell, she managed to avoid crossing paths with an adult black bear who allegedly managed to open her car door, jump onto the back seat and steal her lobster roll and French fries. 

The Maine resident - ironically, from the town of Sandwich - had picked up her dinner from local eatery, the Bay Haven Lobster Pound, before taking a few bites and deciding to save it for later. Arriving home after dropping off a client at Portland International Airport, Frizzell began to prepare for dinner in her kitchen, forgetting she had left the lobster roll unattended with the window rolled down. It was then that the bear struck.

It was only after she returned to her vehicle that she realised what had happened. Approaching the car she soon spotted that there was no sandwich in sight, and only a few fries spread across the seats. She then saw the set of giant muddy paw-prints plastered all over the upholstery, leaving no doubt as to who was responsible.

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Despite her relatively close brush with an angry bear, Frizzell was in good spirits after the incident.

She told NBC Boston, "I literally went to the idea of him sitting in there with his arm on the armrest and his big paws on my sandwich. I was just really, really... I was bummed." She went on to add, "He did leave me three French fries so I thought that was kind." Clearly Frizzell is more forgiving than some housemates.