Couple horrified after dog rips open neighbour's package containing x-rated toy

Couple horrified after dog rips open neighbour's package containing x-rated toy

A couple has been left horrified after their dog ripped open their neighbor's package which contained an x-rated toy.

Lee Edwards and Jenna Crozier from Wigan, England, like many good neighbors up around the world happily accepted an Amazon package when their neighbors were not at home to collect it.

They put in a place where they assumed it would be safe, but Lee got the shock of his life when their dog Bonnie decided to rip the package open to unveil a six-inch pink dildo.

This was Lee's reaction to discovering the x-rated toy: 

"Well I've got a bit of a dilemma here and I don't know how to get myself out of it. This is quite a big one," he explained, recording the debacle.

"Well, anyway, doing an Amazon order. Amazon go to your house, and if you're not in, they go to your next-door neighbor. And your next-door neighbor.

"I've been on nights, I've actually just come downstairs now.

"The thing is... ah s*** this is a bad one this.

"We've been given someone else's parcel. But my labrador dog Bonnie has ripped it open and the parcel is a f****** dildo. No s***."

A dog and a dildo. Credit: Caters Screenshot

He jokingly questions Bonnie, "What have you got there?"

"That's the parcel there," he says, moving the camera from the dildo to the parcel. "I'm not going to give you the address, but for f*** sake.

"How do you even explain that? What do you say to them?

"F****** hell Bonnie, you've well dropped me in it here.

"How do you even explain to them? Sorry I've opened your parcel and got your f****** expensive pink dildo."

A man explaining a story. Credit: Caters Screenshot

Addressing the dog again, Lee says, "Look you're proud of yourself. Look at your little face. What have you got there? Is it a little pink banana?"

"So yeah, I'm proper now in s*** street."

Lee later revealed that he ultimately had no option to hand the dildo and what remained of its packaging back to his 40-something female neighbor, who, understandably, made a quick beeline for her car afterward.

The couple are now refusing to hold packages for their neighbors.