Dog visits shoe shiner to keep its paws in perfect condition

Dog visits shoe shiner to keep its paws in perfect condition

A brilliant clip has emerged of a dog having its paws "shined" at a shoe shiner in South America.

Now, as any pet owner will attest, animals love to look as good as us humans. While, admittedly, not all of them are keen on going to the actual groomers, chances are, if they have fur, they spend a significant amount of time cleaning it.

Check out the video below to see the dog that went viral for having a human face: 

This pooch, however, went a step further than most doggos, and the footage, which was filmed in Chile, shows what appears to be a black labrador expectantly lifting its paws to the street worker. Clearly, it saw what people were doing and wanted in on the action!

This is the worker's heartwarming response to the dog's request for a 'paw shine':

Hilariously, one shine isn't enough and the dog raises its paws for more. The worker obliges a second time, gives the pooch another 'shine', before packing away his materials, and the bewildered dog looks around, wondering if the experience is truly over.

And if the dog's t-shirt is anything to go by, it's no wonder that it wanted its paws shined too. This dog thinks it's human!

This is the disgusting moment a man washed his dog in a public water fountain: 

Hilariously, instead of walking off at this point, the dog stares at the shoe shiner for a further 22 seconds before the video stops.

Maybe it's just me, but can you imagine what this pooch would be like at dinner time? Most likely, it would be wanting to have a chair like its human counterparts, although admittedly, I think even it would draw the line at using a knife and fork.

Regardless, what a good boy!