Dying dog joined by 400 of his furry friends on last walk

Dying dog joined by 400 of his furry friends on last walk

A dying dog has been joined by 400 of his furry friends on a heartwarming last walk.

The tear-jerking event took place in Crawfordsburn Forest Park in Northern Ireland. The doggo in question, Marley, has been diagnosed with cancer, and his owner, Ashley, put out an open call for other pooches to join him on his last walk.

She described the cocker spaniel's cancer diagnosis as "probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to accept".

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Speaking about the pooch, who she has owned for seven years, Ashely told Belfast Live: "He has been through everything with me the last seven years, losing my baby, losing my dad, being assaulted, the break down of my 10-year relationship, he even stayed with me during my darkest moments when I was struggling with PTSD - my Marley never left my side once.

"To think there is nothing I can do to save him absolutely breaks my heart."

Marley has Haemangiosarcoma, an illness Ashley described as "the most aggressive form of cancer a pupper can have". While he did have a 1.5kg tumor removed in the hope of beating it, he is no longer responding to chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

"This was one of his first walks and he still gets super excited about arriving," Ashleigh wrote on the event's Facebook page. "Please come along with as many hoomans and pups you like, everyone is welcome, two feet or four."

Unbeknownst to Ashley, Marley's story resonated with a lot of other dog walkers who wanted to give him the best possible send-off, and over 400 humans and pooches turned up.

No one who attended the walk went hungry either, as refreshments were provided by local businesses for humans and doggos alike, per the Daily Star. Ashleigh said: "Never in our wildest puppy dog dreams did we ever think this amount of people would show up for a normal girl and her little doggy.

"We are so humbled and honored to have spent the day with so many fantastic people."