Fisherman shares the strangest catches he's pulled from the depths

Fisherman shares the strangest catches he's pulled from the depths

A Russian fisherman famed for sharing pictures of his deep-sea discoveries has shared pictures of his latest finds.

Working on commercial trawlers for cod, haddock, and mackerel, 39-year-old Roman Fedortsov accidentally brings many other creatures to the surface while fishing. These bizarre creatures were mainly found in the Norwegian and Barents seas in the north of Russia, however, a handful of them were discovered in the Atlantic Ocean.

To see one of his cutest finds swimming, check out the video below: 

Fedortsov is a photographer who studied marine science at university in Murmansk, a port city in Northern Russia, and over the years, he has become an expert at catching and preparing fish. This has given him a deep appreciation of sea life, which he shares on Instagram with his 576K followers.

Sadly, the 39-year-old revealed that by the time the fish reach the surface, the majority of them are dead because of the change in pressure.

This honestly looks like something from a Pixar movie.

If this doesn't make you think 'Jurrasic Park', I don't know what will.

Check out this great white shark steal a fisherman's catch:

This is a black scabbardfish, which, as you can see, has razor-sharp teeth. As per the Daily Mail, it is a deep-sea predator, which can be found thousands of feet below the ocean surface.

Fedortsov has been sharing pictures of his unusual finds on social media since 2016, and needless to say, because they are so unusual, his following has been consistently growing since then.

It's often said that 90% of the ocean floor is undiscovered, so it only stands to reason that these incredible pictures will keep on coming, and I for one can't wait to see what other deep-sea secrets Fedortsov will unveil!

Meanwhile, in other fish-related news, an eight-year-old fisherman has been targetted by trolls for sharing a picture of himself with posing with a 314lbs shark.