Former rescue dog with no nose finds her forever home

Former rescue dog with no nose finds her forever home

A dog with no nose has finally found her forever home after being rejected because of her appearance.

Originally a Romanian stray, Bonnie lost her snout, part of her front left leg and her tail while living on the streets. While it's not known how she sustained such extensive injuries, it is suspected she was abused by a human.

To see Bonnie living her best life, check out the video below: 

Eventually, Bonnie was rescued by British animal charity Beacon Animal Rescue Centre in Canterbury, who brought her to the UK with the intent of putting her to sleep. What happened next is nothing short of a canine Cinderella story.

Before Bonnie was scheduled to be put to sleep, her picture was posted on the charity's Facebook page, and a woman named Kate Comfort, a civil servant, fell in love with the Border Collie cross.

She was friends with the owner of the animal shelter, Rebecca, and immediately offered to foster Bonnie due to her husband's reluctance to take on another animal as the couple already owned three dogs.

Kate said that the fact no one wanted Bonnie due to her appearance, which some interpreted as alarming, drew her to the pooch more, and it wasn't long before no one - not even her husband - could deny that they were the perfect forever family.

Because Bonnie's appearance is so extreme, the couple did consider having the pooch operated on to improve her looks, but they concluded that invasive surgery would be unfair on an animal who had already been through so much.

Horrifyingly, when strangers saw Bonnie on the street, Kate revealed, they would recoil in horror and one even tried to kick the pooch.

Bonnie is pictured below as a puppy:

Prior to deciding against surgery, Kate created an Instagram for Bonnie in the hope of raising funds, but now it is being used to share this special dog's remarkable new life - a true testament to her resilience.

Despite humans being so cruel to her, Kate said that Bonnie is an incredibly loving dog.

Other dogs are clearly blind to Bonnie's difference! As if we didn't already have enough proof that dogs are better than people...

If you'd like to see more of Bonnie, you can follow her on Instagram.