Angry-looking Sphynx cat becomes unlikely hit on social media

Angry-looking Sphynx cat becomes unlikely hit on social media

Many Friends fans will remember the episode 'The One With The Ball' (S05, E21), in which Rachel buys a sphynx cat for $1000.

Despite "Mrs. Whiskerson" being confused for a bowl of defrosting chicken and scratching Rachel all over her arms, the fur-less kitty has become rather popular with Friends fans.

Check out Mrs. Whiskerson's debut - "It's NOT a cat":

In fact, speaking to Buzzfeed News, Friends star James Michael Tyler - who plays the lovable barista, Gunther - revealed that despite looking grumpy and coming across as pure evil, Mrs. Whiskerson was actually "really sweet" off-camera:

"I love cats. It was a really, really sweet cat, but it was odd to the touch, is the best way I could put it. It was kind of like holding a warm football… It did have a tendency to want to scurry because we shot in front of a live studio audience. And when they would laugh or react, the cat was a little nervous so they had a collar on it that was actually hooked to the pillow, in a very humane way."

Well, now there's a new kitty on the block - and he's taking social media by storm, one wrinkle at a time.

Xherdan the naked Canadian Sphynx Cat is a six-year-old kitty that currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland, with his owner Sandra Filippi.

And despite his looks being compared to a "brain", "dumpling" and "alien", Filippi insists that Xherdan is actually very sweet and just as lovable as any other housecat.

Writing on his official website (yes, he's even got a website!), "Xherdan" writes:

"My skin is light pink, soft and warm – everyone always wants to touch and pet me. I love it! If you hold us in your arms, you'll never want to let us go. [...]

"I'm cheerful, but I'm also cheeky. I have wrinkles, but I'm young. I am content, yet I must always be wherever you are. At home, my people love me, and I am allowed to cuddle soooo much. [...]

"Hopefully I’ll get to travel around all the worlds. I want to live my dreams and never give them up!"

Check out Xherdan enjoying a good grooming:

And due to Xherdan's unique appearance (that constant grumpy frown is somewhat adorable), he has amassed an incredible 21.7K followers on Instagram. Here are some of our favorite pics:

Xherdan looking ecstatic eating some soup:

An overjoyed Xherdan wearing a lovely turtle-neck:
Xherdan looking over-the-moon during New Year's celebrations:
And finally, here's a picture of Xherdan looking directly into your soul:

I don't know about you, but I think Xherdan is absolutely adorable - even if he does look a bit like my 92-year-old grandma.