Cat obsessed with bananas goes viral with 'inappropriate' images

Cat obsessed with bananas goes viral with 'inappropriate' images

Over the years, we've seen plenty of cool cats become internet memes or social media celebrities. Now there's a new cat that's managed to go viral on social media that you might not be aware of, who has garnered fans for a pretty smutty reason.

Meet Bean the cat; a cute little kitty who absolutely adores bananas and enjoys licking them so much that his owner enjoyed taking pics of him, some of which look a little bit, um ... inappropriate.

Speaking to BoredPanda, Bean's owner told her interviewers that Bean first expressed an interest in fruit when he was nine months old, and loves eating them, sniffing them and licking them.

She stated: "His vet knows about it because we’ve seen her several times this last year or so for his bouts of uveitis that he’s had a small problem with but he’s doing great and it is unrelated. She got quite a kick out of his photos. Banana would be unhealthy for a cat if consumed regularly though. So it’s definitely not a diet staple for him."

She continued: "Bean was abandoned as a newborn by his momma. On the evening of 6 April 2018, I saw a post about this teeny white kitten that needed help. It was damp and getting dark and cold and they had been watching for momma for 3+ hours with no sign and he was in the middle of their yard alone. I picked him up within a few minutes as they lived nearby."

She added: "My husband was deployed and my kids were school age so he has my sole focus every day and I was up every three hours with him every night. I’d originally intended on finding him a home, but as he grew and my husband returned from deployment when he was just four weeks old, we purchased a home and I couldn’t part with him."

Take a look at this hilarious video showing how pet cats reacted to their owners using cat filters: 

Bean's NSFW banana pics have now made him a viral star, and the kitty now has his own Facebook page and his official Instagram account now boasts over 11.3k followers. Here's hoping that he gets even more famous in the near future.