Chilling moment snakes wrap themselves around a makeshift Christmas decorations

Chilling moment snakes wrap themselves around a makeshift Christmas decorations

One of the most common things we associate with Australia is its huge and varied population of lethal animals. Whether it's their imposing and bloodthirsty saltwater crocodiles or their highly venomous spiders, they're definitely creatures to be cautious of if you're thinking of going down under.

But as terrifying as they might be, they are part and parcel of the country - they're always around when you least expect it.

This is the moment Robert Irwin, son of the late Steve Irwin, brought a huge snake to an Australian awards show. Crikey!

Recently, in fact, a backpacker came across three deadly snakes that had wrapped themselves around a makeshift Christmas decoration on a street sign in Melbourne.

A photo of the disturbing sight was posted to the Facebook group Australian Backpackers 2019 on Tuesday with the caption, "Just in Australia... Snakes hanging on a Christmas tree in Melbourne."

The reptiles had taken over the Christmas decoration, which was made up of green and gold tinsel.

Maxime Zimmermann later told Daily Mail Australia that the snakes were actually housepets that had been placed on the sign by their owner purely for the sake of a festive photo - rather than to terrify the living daylights of passersby.

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"The snakes belong to this one guy I met in the street in Melbourne," Zimmermann explained.

The creatures have since been identified as a red-bellied black snake, an eastern brown snake, and a tiger snake.

One member of the Facebook group remarked: "How they got our three most venomous snakes on the same pole, I'll never know."

Well, it turns out that their owner is Raymond Moser, who also goes by Snake Man. He told Zimmerman that the snakes were no longer poisonous as they had had their venom removed, Daily Mail Australia reports.