Dog collar translates all of your pooch's barks into curse words

Dog collar translates all of your pooch's barks into curse words

The best kind of dog owners live for all the weird, cringy and amusing canine merch retailers have to offer. Whether it's an array of adorable festive outfits that you get your pup to wear weeks in advance of Christmas, your dog's face blown up on what will inevitably become your favorite t-shirt, or even these leggings that make your rear look like a corgi butt.

Generally, however, these pooch products are fairly wholesome, sweet and 100 percent family-friendly.

Words that can't exactly be used to describe online retailer MSCHF's new dog collar, which translates all of your pooch's barks into curse words.

How does it work, you ask?

Take a look at the dog collar in action:

Basically every time your dog barks, the speaker on the dog collar - which is made out of patent leather and contains a stainless steel buckle - will say a swear word.


Programmed to spew out profanities such as "f*ck" and "bullsh*t" whenever your dog barks, it will make even the best-behaved dogs seem naughty.

The collar, which has a price tag of $60 and is currently sold out. However, if you are interested in getting your hands on the product, you can text the number provided on the Cuss Collar website to be informed when it is back in stock.

MSCHF has emphasized, however, that collar is not intended to be used in any sort of dog training such as anti-bark training.

Check out the adorable moment this naughty little pooch was caught red-handed stealing presents that didn't belong to him:

If you're at all aware of the company, you'll know that they specialize in selling the most random yet wonderful products, generally not sold anywhere else.

Per CNN, for instance, they are currently selling a bath bomb shaped like a toaster, a rubber chicken bong and an extension for Google's Chrome browser that allows you to watch Netflix at work by making it seem like you're actually on a conference call.