Drama queen pit bull 'faints' to avoid getting her nails trimmed

Drama queen pit bull 'faints' to avoid getting her nails trimmed

Different dog breeds have different reputations. It's true, we stereotype dogs just as we do people. For example, if you see a labrador, you often think of a caring family-friendly doggo. Or if you see a poodle, you'll probably imagine it being a pampered and precious pooch.

But sadly, some dogs get a bad reputation based on their breed, which can lead to people being fearful of them simply based on their appearance. One breed that suffers from this stigma is pit bulls. Now, I've met many pit bulls throughout my life, and I can honestly say these boisterous pups are wonderful to be around, and very caring.

However, on the outside, we think of them as tough-as-nails dogs who love a bit of rough and tumble. But after seeing this particularly delicate pit bull, you'll probably change your mind.

In the hilarious video - uploaded to Imgur yesterday - a pit bull can be seen sitting patiently as her owners prepare to trim her nails. However, when instructed to "give paw", the erudite pooch recognizes what's coming and keeps her paws cemented on the floor.

So, after her owner is forced to pick up her paw and begin trimming her claws, the pit bull does something I have literally never seen a dog do (although I have seen human toddlers do it).

Check out the hilarious video below - these owners certainly have a drama queen on their hands:

Honestly, I've watched this video over ten times already - the look on her face gets me every time! And the video proved very popular on Imgur, racking up an impressive 5 million likes and counting.

If you ever meet somebody who says having a dog is not the same as having a kid, just show them this video and they'll soon be quiet!

Although, some people can be far too close to their pet dogs, such as this woman, who decided to "marry" her pooch after a string of unsuccessful dates: