Man gets served brutal instant karma after trying to ride a sheep

Man gets served brutal instant karma after trying to ride a sheep

Everyone loves a good underdog story, don't they? Well, how about an 'undersheep' story?

It goes without saying that sheep don't always get the best treatment from us humans. We fatten them up for meat, deprive them of their nice woolly coats in order to make hats and jumpers, and round them up in pens by sending dogs after them. It can't be the happiest existence, that's for sure.

And, just like people, it seems that sheep know when they've been mistreated.

In a video that recently surfaced on reddit, one man got a dose of instant karma after attempting to ride a ram.

The clip, which is only 13 seconds long, showed a guy in a black tank top and jogging pants straddling a large sheep and riding it around while holding onto its horns. The ram is obviously quite distressed by this, and tries to shake the man off as it runs towards the rest of the flock.

Eventually, the rider lets go and - with a huge smile on his face - begins walking back to his friend.

Unbeknownst to him, however, the ram decided that he wasn't going to let the guy off so easily. Take a look at the video below - you can pretty much see the moment the sheep resolved that he was going to take revenge:

Right around the six second mark, the ram stops, assesses the situation, and then charges - wham - straight into the guy's butt.

As for what happened to the man... well, you could say he was feeling pretty sheepish after that.