Re-emerged video shows woman get 'instant karma' after appearing to kick out at a cat multiple times

Re-emerged video shows woman get 'instant karma' after appearing to kick out at a cat multiple times

Any cat owners out there - or, indeed, anyone who's ever come close to a cat - will know that they are not creatures you want to mess with. One minute they'll be all cuddled up in your lap like a warm, purring cushion, and the next they'll be clawing at your neck because you dared to pet them too close to their belly.

However, if you treat them nicely and read their body language properly, you can usually avoid any hassle with cats. On the contrary, though: if you treat them badly, they will come for you, and you'll quickly learn that those sweet little teeth and tiny paws can do a lot of damage.

Case in point, this lady:

In an old video that was recently re-uploaded to Reddit, a woman wearing what appears to be pink pyjamas kicks up some snow at a cat - presumably to get it away from her property and her pet dog. She does this several times, with each kick making the cat more and more agitated.

Eventually, the feisty feline decides it's had enough, and reacts by taking a mighty leap at its assailant.

The pair tussle for a few seconds before the woman is able to pull herself free of the kitty's grasp, at which point she manages to throw it off her and walk away clutching her head. The cat, meanwhile, seems totally smug about the situation.

Unsurprisingly, not many people in the comments seemed all that sympathetic towards the woman, with many people saying that she got exactly what she deserved.

"I couldn't help but smile to see her spinning around in panic with the cat flailing and attached to her face... reminded me of a cartoon or perhaps one of those childhood toys of the ball with a weasel attached," wrote one person.

Meanwhile, another joked: "THIS IS SICK!! Clearly this animal is vicious, and it needs to be put down. Too bad the poor kitty never got the chance to finish the job."

Let this be a lesson to everyone: treat all animals with kindness and respect - especially cats.