Somebody recorded their cat saying 'Well, hi!' in a southern accent

Somebody recorded their cat saying 'Well, hi!' in a southern accent

The best thing about having a pet is the love and connection that grows between the two of you during their lifespan. They may be a different species, but the bond we have with our pets is one that doesn't require words. Although, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be super cool if our pets could talk.

I'm sure all pet owners like myself have had that moment when our dog or cat is looking at us with their wide eyes and puzzled face, and we frantically scream at them: "What are you trying to tell me?!" Well, fortunately, it looks like some pets out there are learning to talk. And the best part of it? They've got cute accents!

If all cats could talk, these hilarious reactions would be even funnier:

The Instagram user, by the name of Gambino Bambino, shared the following short clip with their 3,200+ followers, and the video has already been watched nearly 150,000 times in the space of two days. So why is this video so popular? Because their cat literally greets them in a southern American accent. Literally.

Bambino captioned the video: "It sounds like he is saying “Well Hi!!! “ in a thick southern accent!! ***Just to clarify, that is a @whistlelabs pet tracker on his collar."

Check out the video in the post below:

As the camera follows the kitty across the room, the cat - which has seemingly been watching far too much Dolly Parton on the television - turns its head around the corner and 'says', "Well, hi!"

It is seriously hilarious and perfect timing, and literally sounds like this sassy southern feline is just delighted to see his owner.

As you can imagine (it is a talking animal, after all), the comments section blew up with people stunned at the articulate kitty.

Credit: Instagram Credit: Instagram Credit: Instagram

The cat's owner has also shared the hilarious video of his "greeting" to her various social channels, including TikTok, where it has amassed more than 1.3 million likes.

Not all cats are cute and talkative thought. This guy found out his sneaky cat was turning off his alarm every morning:

If you're getting down because of the cold weather or perhaps work is really stressful right now, then do what I did, and watch this video on repeat until all your worries melt away.

"Well, hi!"