Huge hawk wasp carries off huntsman spider for epic feast

Huge hawk wasp carries off huntsman spider for epic feast

It's rare for more than a few weeks to go by without a horrorshow of an animal emerging from the land Down Under. Today, it's a huge hawk wasp which was filmed carrying off a huntsman spider for a feast that will put your Christmas dinner to shame.

The image was posted to Reddit on Wednesday, and it's already racked up an impressive 37,000 shares.

Hawk wasps immobilize their prey with a sting. This just isn't any venom, however, and it actually injects their larvae into their prey, which subsequently hatch and devour it from the inside out. It really is like something from a horror movie.

To see a hawk wasp dragging a huntsman spider to its doom, check out the video below: 

As the video above shows, despite their comparatively small size, the hawk spiders are remarkably strong and are able to drag huntsman spiders. In fact, as per the Daily Mail, they are able to drag spiders up to twice their own weight.

Credit: Reddit/u/space_monster

The image above was taken in Bronte, Sydney, and in addition to the aforementioned shares, it has attracted over 4,000 comments. The majority of which are from people who don't live in Australia, who simply couldn't believe what they were seeing.

One commenter wrote: "I think the best part is knowing its all the way in Australia.. and it can't hurt us here."

They're everywhere! It's videos like this that make sure I'll never step foot in Australia:

Another added: "Best part about this post? We all knew it was Australia without reading the description. We just knew."

To put the context of Australia's creepy crawlie problem into context, earlier this month, a photograph of a writhing colony of huntsman spiders went viral.

But nothing mentioned in this article thus far has a patch on the terror this group of tourists must have experienced when they discovered a "furry sleeping animal" that turned out to be a giant nest of spiders.