Lost dog waits in the same spot for four years before being reunited with owners

Lost dog waits in the same spot for four years before being reunited with owners

A lost dog has captured the hearts of the world by waiting for four years in the same spot before being reunited with his owners.

The incredible story was brought to the world's attention on Facebook when Thailand native, Anuchit Uncharoen, shared pictures of the pooch waiting by the side of the road in the Mueang District. Needless to say, everything about these images suggested that the dog has been abandoned.

After taking the pictures, Anuchit spoke to a local woman who revealed that she'd been feeding the stray dog for years, adding that he waited faithfully in the same spot every day - presumably for the people who had lost or even abandoned him.

Because the dog had been around for so long, he'd been named Leo by locals.

According to Dog Thailand, as per Asia One, Anuchit had tried to take the dog home with her because of how thin he was.

However, despite managing to bring Leo home, a few days later he escaped her house and was back on the streets.

Anuchit got the hint and concluded that rather than force him to do something he didn't want to, she'd feed him instead.

By this point, Leo's story had gone viral on social media, and incredibly, a family got in touch to say that he bore a striking resemblance to a dog they lost four years ago, BonBon. According to the owner, Noi, they had been visiting relatives in the area when they stopped at a petrol station, and shortly after driving off, realized that BonBon was gone.

While they did return to look for BonBon, it was to no avail.

When Noi returned to the area, Bonbon was understandably delighted to see him - yes, "Leo" bore more than just a striking resemblance to his missing dog.

However, because Bobon had been missing for so long, he actually refused to go home with Noi, who, together with Anuchit concluded that the best thing for the animal was for her to continue feeding him, while Noi visited regularly.