Narwhal the 'unicorn puppy' being used by scammers, shelter warns

Narwhal the 'unicorn puppy' being used by scammers, shelter warns

A puppy famed for having a tail growing out of his head has become a viral sensation.

Now, the shelter that rescued Narwhal has issued a warning after scammers tried to falsely receive donations by capitalizing on his fame. The adorable pooch was rescued by Missouri-based rescue organization Mac’s Mission after being discovered in the rain.

To see how adorable Narwhal is for yourself, check out this video of him playing: 

The dog became immediately recognizable because of the second tail growing out of his head - a tail which unfortunately doesn't wag.

In an interview with TMZ, Rochelle Steffen, the founder of Mac’s Mission, said that since the puppy came into their care and subsequently went viral, they have noticed a number of fake shelter accounts appear on social media.

Asking for donations for the "shelter" and the puppy's medical bills, the accounts are being run by scammers who are pocketing the cash for themselves. While Steffan has reported the false accounts to Facebook and Twitter, she is now encouraging kind dog lovers to be careful about where they donate their money.

Now, in a bid to ensure it all goes to the right place, she has set up an official donation link on its Facebook page, which is available to view here.

This has already resulted in a surge of donations with $4,000 having been sent directly through PayPal and an additional $1,950 sent through the Facebook link. As a result, the majority of Narwhal's medical bills are now covered.

In a post on Facebook, Mac's Mission explained: "We have seen a few shifty groups and people trying to raise money off [Narwhal] and they are not us. We ask ONLY through this page or our only single Instagram page, macthepitbull.

"We have had many requests to tell folks how they can help and since we rely 100% on donations and our medical bills are usually outrageous monetary donations are the best way to help."