Police department asks public to help name "newest member" of the team after adopting a kitten

Police department asks public to help name "newest member" of the team after adopting a kitten

You might think that cats are too aloof to make effective law enforcement officials. You would, apparently, be mistaken. The Fort Smith Police Department in Arkansas, USA, have stolen headlines and hearts after asking for public assistance in naming their newest, cuddliest recruit. You have the right to remain furry. 

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A week or so ago, the FSPD posted a photo to Facebook, featuring an adorable, blue-eyed kitten, accompanied with a caption guaranteed to excite anyone who’s eager to see more feline representation in the workplace. The department wrote:

“Introducing our Pawfficer, the newest member of the FSPD Team! In the next several days, we will be compiling names for our furry friend. We will be asking for the public to help us pick the purrrrfect name. Stay tuned for updates!”

The new recruit was “interviewed” at Jen’s Kitty Rehab, a local charity dedicated to cat rescue. As the FSPD continued on their Facebook post:

“A special thank you to Jen's Kitty Rehab for working so hard to find the right little guy for the job and to all our sponsors for believing in this community program!”

As adorable as the new addition undoubtedly is, it won’t all be fun and games as the new cat on the block. As the police department explained in an interview with Fox 35:

“He will attend community and special events and generally be an online presence that will allow us to take a more informal approach to subjects that affect our community. The entire project is designed to make the department more approachable and convey the lighter side of the department and what it means to be a police officer.”

As for the naming, several front runners seem to have emerged. If comments under the original post are anything to go by, “Blue”, “Cuffs”, “Fuzz”, “Sir Purrs-a-Lot” and “Paws” are all proving popular. Arkansas’ criminals should be feeling extra nervous.