Man who had genitals bitten off by dog found to have 'smeared himself in peanut butter'

Man who had genitals bitten off by dog found to have 'smeared himself in peanut butter'

There are some stories which are so grotesque and disturbing that it's actually difficult to put them into words, and this is undoubtedly one of them: a bizarre case which was first reported on several weeks back has had a new development; making the wounds ultimately sustained by an unfortunate Scottish man self-inflicted, and which has resulted in the death of an unfortunate canine.

A man who hails from Haddington, in East Lothian in Scotland, was recently admitted to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after sustaining horrific bites for an English Bull Terrier. The hound had allegedly attacked the man in a vicious assault, and had torn his genitals off and left him mutilated.

The man was placed into an artificial coma in a desperate bid to save his life, and the canine which committed the attack was reportedly found by police investigators who arrived at the Haddington High Street property. The dog was apparently covered in blood and gore, and was apprehended by local police and placed in kennels.

An image of peanut butter. Credit: Getty

However, in a shocking twist, a inside source has allegedly told the British press that the dog (named Biggie Smalls after the famous late rapper) chewed off the 22-year-old man's gonads after he smeared peanut butter over his groin, in a perverted bid to have the dog sexually pleasure him by licking the nutty spread off of his crotch.

At the time of the incident, a Police Scotland spokeswoman told the press: "Police in East Lothian are investigating after a man suffered serious injuries, believed to have been caused by a dog, in Haddington on Sunday. Emergency services were called to a property in the High Street area at around 2.30pm." 

They added: "A 22-year-old man was taken to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary by the Scottish Ambulance Service and later transferred to the Western General Hospital where he remains receiving treatment. Inquiries into the full circumstances are ongoing."

Police have confirmed that the man was alone with the dog at the time of the incident, and the his sexual organs were eaten by the canine - making it impossible for them to be reattached. As a direct result of the gruesome savaging, the English bulldog responsible for the violent amputation has been put down.

In a later statement given to British tabloid newspaper The Sun, a Police Scotland representative stated: "The owner of the dog believed to have been involved voluntarily signed documentation consenting to [its] the destruction. This [took] place after dialogue between the Crown Office, Scottish SPCA and the East Lothian council dog warden."

In general, social media users have been unsympathetic to the mutilated man. One disgruntled canine-lover commented on the headline by tweeting: "Title should be edited to 'Stupid Man Smeared his Genitals with Peanut Butter for his Dog, Gets Bitten'. This effed-up human should be put down than his dog or banned from getting another pet. [sic]" Meanwhile, another person commented: "Shame the dog was destroyed. The guy should live without his meat and two veg for the rest of his life. [sic]"