Animal shelter needs volunteers to snuggle their scared pups

Animal shelter needs volunteers to snuggle their scared pups

For many people out there, a job working with animals would be the best kind of career a person could have: especially if that job involved petting them and making some of our four-legged friends feel safe and comfortable.

But if you're one of those people then congratulations: I have some good news for you! It turns out that an animal shelter is looking for someone to perform that very role. That's right, they need an expert 'dog snuggler' who can stroke frightened dogs and comfort them.

The offer comes courtesy of an animal shelter called Humane Society of Tampa Bay, which is located in Tampa Bay in Florida. The position is voluntary, so sadly you won't be paid for your efforts. But maybe people would consider the opportunity to pamper these poor pooches to be its own reward.

The vast majority of the animals in the shelter have to be spayed or neutered, so shelter staff now need volunteers from the general public to help comfort the scared animals, both before and after their scary medical procedures.

Check out this news report all about the animal shelter below:

Volunteers can be any age, but according to the shelter’s official website, people under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult. The shelter would also like potential applicants to commit to at least six months of volunteer work at the shelter first, before becoming a snuggle, and volunteers will also have to help the vets and other volunteers keep the shelter tidy.
In an interview in January, Volunteer Liz McCoy told ABC: "It makes me emotional just thinking about it. Nothing happy brings animals through our doors. So, when volunteers come in to make things better, it’s just a moving thing to be a part of."

Other positions currently available are for a  dog playgroup assistant, a foster parent, a kennel assistant, animal driver, surgery assistant, and exam assistant. So why not apply if you think you could be a suitable candidate?