Brewery puts dogs up for adoption on its new beer cans

Brewery puts dogs up for adoption on its new beer cans

The North Dakota-based brewery Fargo has teamed up with a local animal shelter to offer customers beer with adoptable pups on the cans.

According to a report by Food & Wine, the brewery is hosting its Oneder Dog beer release, as part of a collaboration with the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue on Monday.

The pets featured on the beer cans allegedly have difficulties socializing issues with other animals, so now Fargo is putting their faces on the brand's Original Lager cans to try to entice people do adopt them and give them a loving home.

Uploading a picture of the adorable beer cans to their official Instagram account, the brewery captioned their post: "For this event, we have packaged our Fargo Original Lager into six-packs of cans where each individual can is labeled to highlight a different 'Oneder' Dog! These Oneder dogs are special pups who have had a particularly hard time finding their forever home.'

They added: "Some of these dogs, while being great with people, have a hard time socializing with other dogs and therefore don’t get to come to foster puppy meet & greets which makes it difficult for people to get to know how great they really are! It’s our hope that through this event we can raise a little awareness about these 'one'd- erful pooches and hopefully find them homes of their own! [sic]"

This dog owner wants their pet back after another family adopted him:

Commenting on the initiative in an interview with Food & Wine, shelter volunteer Jerad Ryan stated: "The harder-to-adopt dogs sometimes labeled as ‘Oneder dogs’ have always had a special place in my heart.

He continued: "My first three-and-a-half years volunteering at the shelter I would spend extra time with the dogs that had been there long-term mostly due to the fact they don't do well living with any other dogs. Many of our foster homes already have a resident dog or two [so] it is difficult to find these particular dogs a forever home."

He added: "I asked Fargo Brewing if they would be willing to do this for us and they loved it too. They have gone above and beyond with donating profits and having an event where the public can come and meet our Oneder dogs, as they don't get to attend events with the other dogs."