Brilliant 'pet cooling mats' are on sale at B&M and they're an absolute bargain

Brilliant 'pet cooling mats' are on sale at B&M and they're an absolute bargain

When summer approaches, we change our wardrobes with a whirlwind of excitement. Goodbye, coats, sweaters and pants! Hello, shorts, T-shirts, sundresses and denim speedos. That's right, denim speedos. They're perfect for summer vacation, or just Casual Friday at the office.

However, our four-legged friends aren't so lucky. While we can don easy, breezy apparel, they're stuck slurping water and chasing elusive shade. Sure, you can try dressing your dog in a denim speedo, but it's probably not going to be effective. (Although it would be hilarious.)

pet cooling mats Credit: B&M

Well, good news, pet owners! UK retailer B&M is selling brilliant pet-cooling mats for just £4.99. (That's $6.41 for Americans. If you really love your dog, fly to London and buy a mat!) The mats are available in three vibrant designs (watermelon, kiwi, orange) and measure 60cm in diameter. (That's 24 in. for you Americans, who better be booking a flight to London right now, unless you f***ing hate your dog.)

"The mat automatically cools when your pet sits on it, helping to keep them cool and comfortable in hot weather," B&M explains on its website. "Can also help with allergies, heat stroke, skin conditions and post-surgery. For your pet's safety examine frequently for signs of wear and tear. If damage is apparent, discontinue use and replace."

I don't have a dog, but maybe I'll buy one for myself, and sit on it in a denim speedo.