Couple enjoying romantic late-night swim are interrupted by crocodile

Couple enjoying romantic late-night swim are interrupted by crocodile

Security footage has emerged of a crocodile attacking a couple who were enjoying an evening swim in a private pool.

The incident took place in Kariba, Zimbabwe, and shocking footage of the attack was subsequently uploaded to YouTube. According to ViralHog, the pair had met earlier that day while holidaying at the Little Kariba house with friends.

This is the dramatic moment they were joined by an unwelcome guest in the pool: 

The crocodile, which the Independent reports is a Nile crocodile, can be seen slowly approaching the pool, with the couple totally unaware of its menacing presence as they carelessly frolic away.

The huge reptile then slides into the pool, causing the terrified man - in a vision of not so chivalrous behavior - to immediately jump out, leaving his female companion to fight off the beast.

Instead of attempting to help her fight off the animal, he runs off camera while another man who, until this point had been out of view, rushes to her aid. She is then pulled from the pool apparently unscathed.

Social media users were quick to comment on what this said about the man she was cozying up to in the first place:

"Finally she got to know which guy has real balls," wrote one YouTube user.

"I hope she starts dating the guy that came and helped her," remarked a second.

Another added: "that was the first and last time they saw each other."

Whereas a fourth simply joked: "That would [have] triggered my ink defenses."