Crocodile shocks anglers as it snatches catch off line

Crocodile shocks anglers as it snatches catch off line

While I don't exactly have a penchant for fishing, if I did happen to enjoy the occasional angling trip, there's one particular region I would almost certainly steer clear of - and that's Cahills Crossing in Australia's Kakadu National Park.

But in spite of its sizeable crocodile population, the spot is actually a popular spot for anglers. According to, Cahills Crossing is one of the more dangerous bodies of water down under. In fact, back in 2016, rangers conducted a study into the river and found that there were 120 crocodiles in a six-kilometre stretch south of Cahills Crossing.

Recently, though, an unexpected encounter between a couple fishing and a crocodile, saw the hungry creature boldly stealing their catch from them. The encounter, which was was captured on camera, took place in - you guessed it - Cahills Crossing.

The footage shows a woman dragging a large fish, thought to be a barramundi, along the shore after it caught on her line. A man then rushes towards the catch with a net in order to secure the fish.

This is the moment another imposing saltwater crocodile pursued its prey on a fisherman's hook:

But while the woman continues dragging the large fish along the shore, a saltwater crocodile emerges out of the river and snatches the fish with its mouth. The couple, understandably alarmed, then proceed to run away from the predator as it chomps down on its meal.

This is the moment the hungry crocodile snatches the couple's catch off the line:

In an entirely separate incident, a fisherman got caught up in a horrifying ordeal when a giant crocodile emerged suddenly from a creek and began chasing him for stealing its prey. The alarming scenes, which took place in Outback Australia, were captured in their entirety on video.

This is the terrifying moment a couple had their romantic evening swim ruined by a wild crocodile:

It pays to be cautious when you're down under it seems!