'Dog Cheese' is the latest viral trend sweeping the internet

'Dog Cheese' is the latest viral trend sweeping the internet

Over the years, we've seen some pretty weird Twitter trends take social media, and make people do the most bizarre things. Who could forget the famous Ice Bucket Challenge? People were challenging each other to tip a bucket of freezing cold water over each other in support of motor neuron disease. Or what about the infamous Tide Pod challenge, where gullible folks were convinced to try to swallow deadly laundry detergent as part of a dare? But now we might just have found the weirdest social media trend ever: "Dog Cheese" - a bizarre game in which people film themselves attempting to fling a slice of cheddar at their pet canine ... yes, I'm afraid you read that correctly.

It all started when Twitter-user Matthew Elias shared a video of himself lobbing a piece of cheese at his own dog. Why on earth would he do something so patently dumb you ask? Well according to Matthew; "I’ve been throwing cheese at stuff and laughing about it since I was a kid, so naturally once I ran out of inanimate objects to throw cheese on I thought I’d see if my dog could catch it. Which he kind of did." Indeed, many Twitter users found Matthew's game a lot more fun than beer pong, and took to Twitter themselves to share videos of themselves pitching dairy products at innocent hounds. Scroll down to check out a few choice examples of this bamboozling phenomenon.












Yeah, stuff like this is what the internet is made for, right? You might think that this some kind of animal cruelty, but trust me: the dogs don't mind. Dogs love cheese, and this is like they're getting a free snack courtesy of Twitter. I'm actually jealous of them. Nobody ever throws jelly doughnuts at me!