Dog sees owner working all alone, so pulls up a chair beside him

Dog sees owner working all alone, so pulls up a chair beside him

Nowadays, more and more offices are becoming dog-friendly, and are letting employees bring in their pets (so long as they are well trained and behave themselves).

To be honest, it's a win/win situation for all parties. It means that fewer dogs will be left alone while their owners are working, and it means that employees will be happier doing a shift alongside a furry friend.

But now it seems as though some cute dogs actually do want to work right alongside their humans. Not only that, but they're even willing to pull up a chair themselves.

Have a look at the adorable video of the dog right here: 

The video, which was recorded on a security camera, seems to show a white dog padding around the office of a security guard. The man's job is seemingly to keep an eye on the surveillance cameras in the building - something which takes a lot of focus and attention.

However, when his adorable dog sees him working hard and looking down in the dumps, the animal knows what to do and immediately leaps into action to brighten up his day.

The dog can then be seen pushing a rolling-chair up to his master's desk with his paws. The dog painstakingly drags the chair until it's close enough to his owner, and then lifts up his paws and grabs a seat beside the guard. Isn't that cute?

Watch this amazing video of a dog using a child's potty: 

But this isn't the first time a dog has been caught on camera using something meant for a human. Recently, a father coming home from work late one night discovered that his son's potty had been used, and after checking the home security camera, he discovered that the family dog had actually used his son's training potty in the middle of the night.