Dramatic footage shows three young boys fighting a monster snake off their pet dog

Dramatic footage shows three young boys fighting a monster snake off their pet dog

A lot of people have a phobia of snakes. It's not quite as many as those terrified of spiders (pretty much all of us at the end of the day), but there's something about the slithering reptiles that gets under our skin. However, there are lots of areas of the world where snakes aren't a rare sight, and some where they can get to a pretty intimidating size too.

Earlier last month, we were all pretty terrified when a video was released showing two snakes fighting in a woman's living room, after falling through her ceiling. The video, which was taken in Australia (of course), was pretty creepy - but was handled quite effectively by a snake catcher who was called to the scene.

A recent incident, filmed in an unknown location, posed far more danger to those involved. A large snake, which appears to be a boa constrictor, wrapped itself around the lower body and hind legs of a dog, while a group of children tried to free the dog from its grasp.

The dog, which appears to be subdued and unable to fight back, was eventually freed, but many of their attempts failed - including one older boy using a pole to force the snakes head to the ground while two others tried to unravel it, and another attempt where they attempted to throw off the snake by turning the dog from side to side.

You can see the dramatic footage in the video below:

Eventually, they grab the snake from both ends, pulling it in opposite directions to weaken its hold, which allows the dog to run free. Luckily, the dog appears to be relatively unharmed by the attack.