Fishermen risk their lives after accidentally reeling in p***ed off hammerhead shark

Fishermen risk their lives after accidentally reeling in p***ed off hammerhead shark

I have heard enough angling-related horror stories to know that it's not something that I would ever want to try. From accidentally reeling in and then being chased by giant crocodiles to mother dolphins being forced to carry their dead calfs after getting caught in a crab net - some truly awful incidents have arisen as a result of this sort of activity.

But imagine going fishing at a gorgeous Florida beach, only to come into direct contact with a creature as notoriously dangerous as a shark.

Well, that's exactly what happened to a group of fishermen at a beach in Navarre, Florida.

This is the moment a group of beachgoers engage in a struggle with a hammerhead shark as a stunned crowd looks on:

The tourist who posted the video explained: "We were vacationing and walking along the pier when we spotted this huge Hammerhead shark right on the shallow beach area where everyone was swimming."

"Oh my god, it's a hammerhead," a voice can be heard shouting in astonishment at the start of the clip.

Soon after the footage was posted, a number of outraged viewers expressed their horror at the shark's treatment.

A hammerhead shark underwater. Credit: Getty

"And now it's blind from slamming its eyes into the sand over and over," one person suggested.

"5 people try to help and 100 are too busy with their f***ing phone," another infuriated viewer complained. "That's the world we are living in."

"You p***ks should be charged for this," wrote a third viewer.

Other viewers shed light on the creatures' lack of predatory intentions towards humans, suggesting that there was little for the beachgoers to fear.

"Usually hammerhead sharks do not hurt anyone," one viewer explained. "Kaneohe bay as many hammerhead sharks. Kaneohe bay as many hammerhead sharks people go scuba diving swimming skiing in the waters there. Is that the hammerhead is usually the tiger sharks you have to worry about."