Frozen cat found buried in a Montana snow bank makes miraculous recovery

Frozen cat found buried in a Montana snow bank makes miraculous recovery

Veterinarians at Montana's Kalispell Animal Clinic miraculously revived an outdoor cat who was found "frozen and unresponsive" in below-zero temperature. According to ABC News, the owners discovered Fluffy buried in a snowbank, where she had likely spent hours in the freezing winter cold. The beloved feline, who was encrusted in snow, was rushed to the animal hospital, where doctors immediately began warming her up.

"I’ve never seen this," Dr. Jevon Clark told KULR8. "I’ve been in practice for almost 24 years and she was actually caked in ice, like those ice balls were caked on her all the way around her 360 degrees all the way around her. Her temperature was so low our thermometer wouldn’t read it, so we know it was less than 90 [Fahrenheit]."

The vets covered Fluffy with heating pads and gave her a warm bath to stimulate her body. Once her body temperature improved, they gave her fluids through an IV and allowed her to rest in a heated kennel. After spending hours at the emergency facility, she began moving again and made a total recovery. On Facebook, the Animal Clinic wrote that Fluffy is "amazing" and "now completely normal."

In the comments, animal lovers celebrated Fluffy's revival, following such a close call with death. "It really is true that with hypothermia they aren’t dead until they are warm and dead," wrote one Facebook user. "Excellent save!" Another person advised, "Leave your pets indoors in this weather," while a third joked, "She needs a new name #snowball."

Following that harrowing experience, Fluffy is back with her owners, who report that she is doing great. However, they made one change to her lifestyle: She is now an indoor cat. Sounds like a good idea! (Luckily, Fluffy still has eight lives left.)