Heartbreaking video shows dog who doesn't understand why his owners left him behind

Heartbreaking video shows dog who doesn't understand why his owners left him behind

Dogs, when treated right, tend to love pretty much everyone they come into contact with. But it's the family that looks after them that they form a strong bond with, with the canine companion doing all that they can to love and defend their newly-found pack.

However, while dogs are extremely loyal, not all humans are. For a variety of reasons, we hand over dogs over to shelters, where they sit and wait, hoping that their owners return. Some may have good reasons for doing this, such as an owner passing away, but this wasn't the case with Hunter.

The Houston Humane Society posted a video to their Facebook page last week, in which they showed footage of Hunter, a six-year-old dog who had been left behind by his owners. Why, you ask? Because they got a new puppy:

"Ever wonder what a broken heart looks like? Well there you have it. Hunter was surrendered to the shelter yesterday because... ready for it? He didn't get along with their new puppy.

"Just when I think the human race couldn't disappoint me anymore. I found him in the corner of his kennel, too afraid to move. Sometimes I have to stop walking dogs and sit on the cold floor (the same cold floor these pups sit on) to give them some comfort that's it's not as scary as they think."

While you may expect Hunter not to understand what is going on, you can clearly see how bad he feels being left behind in the footage. You can watch the heartbreaking moment in the video below:

Thankfully, there's a happy ending to this story. The shelter's call to have someone adopt Hunter was successful, and he has now found his new 'forever family'! The shelter later posted:

"We have exciting news! Our sweet Hunter has found his forever family! Thank you to everyone that took the time to share his story. And thank you especially to Larry, David, and Dolly for opening their hearts and home to Hunter."

Hopefully Hunter has a long and happy life with her new family!