Hunter dies after deer he thought was shot dead attacked

Hunter dies after deer he thought was shot dead attacked

A hunter has been killed by a deer after he shot it and it attacked him while he believed the animal to be dead.

According to CNN, the 66-year-old man in question was an experienced game hunter who had gone out shooting deer in the area many times before. He was found severely injured in the woods in Arkansas on the evening of Tuesday, October 22.

An image of a deer. Credit: Pexels

Local police told CNN that the Yellville man's body was riddled with deep puncture wounds as a result of the gouging he sustained from his would-be prey. The man later died, but investigators are unsure whether this was as a result of the injuries he sustained, or due to cardiac arrest.

Police believe that he shot a male deer, and tracked it to where the animal lay bleeding on the ground. The man intended to field dress the carcass, but then the animal apparently revealed that it had only been playing dead and reportedly pierced the man with its antlers.

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When the man's nephew discovered him, he was still alive and lucid enough to attempt to call his wife. Unfortunately, he stopped breathing by the time paramedics arrived at the scene. They were unable to resuscitate him.

Speaking to CNN, Game and Fish Commission spokesman Dale Purdom stated that this is the first time he'd heard of a hunter being killed after approaching a stunned deer since they typically spring up and dash away after playing dead.

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He added that it is best for hunters to wait 15 to 30 minutes before approaching an injured deer, for their own safety.

The wounded deer has not yet been found.