Man uses dead pigeon as a weapon during street fight

Man uses dead pigeon as a weapon during street fight

A bizarre video of an altercation between two men has gone viral this week, after one of the brawlers was filmed using a dead pigeon as a weapon.

The short clip, which was allegedly filmed outside a McDonald's restaurant in the city of Liverpool in Merseyside, England, shows two men getting into a squabble in the street at night.

Both fighters appeared to be somewhat inebriated during the scuffle, and a more level-headed friend can be seen making a futile attempt tried to drag one of them away from the fracas.

However, as the sparring reaches a climax, one of the men can be seen to stoop down, and pick up a dead bird from the side of the pavement.

As if that wasn't gross enough, he then proceeded to use the carcass as a missile, hurling the pigeon at his enemy while Lou Bega's cheesy pop hit Mambo Number Five blasted out of speakers in the background.

Check out the weird video of the bizarre incident below: 

The weird scrap was captured on camera by a witness who had been watching the scene with interest, bouncer Kwasie Mensah. Amused by the scene, Mensah later shared the video on Facebook, and wrote: "Can't believe he threw a dead pigeon."

Mensah's video quickly picked up a lot of attention from stunned viewers, and currently boasts more than 1,300 comments and around 1,500 shares.

For instance, one commenter wrote: "Am I the only one that wanted to see that d*ckhead in the black get knocked spark out!!! ☹️🙄[sic]" Meanwhile, someone else added: "He threw a f*cking DEAD pigeon at him omg im crying 😂😂😂😂 [sic]"

Guys, this should really go without saying: even if you do get yourself into a fight, don't throw roadkill at people. It seriously isn't sanitary.