Meet the woman who spends a fortune every month on kid's clothes for her dogs

Meet the woman who spends a fortune every month on kid's clothes for her dogs

It's often been said that the UK is a nation of dog-lovers, and it's true that we probably all know someone out there who's just a little bit too obsessed with their precious pooches. Maybe they like to dote on them by slipping their pup an extra treat from time to time, or take them on long walks on the beach or to the park. Maybe the dog gets to sleep on the bed at night with their proud owner. Indeed, sometimes it seems like the pets have it better than most humans, what with all the unashamed pampering they get.

There are some people who might take pet pampering too far. Take the case of 30-year-old office supervisor Emma Burden for example. Emma is an unabashed dog-lover who loves to splurge out on her two pugs, Layla and Marty. But whereas most dog owners would be content with buying them toys to play with or scraps off their plates, Emma is instead spending hundreds of pounds a month on new clothes for the pair. Not content with simply customising children's clothes to fit the dogs, Emma is now sewing her own dog clothes in her spare time!

Emma had been a dog-lover all her life, and finally convinced her partner Shaun to buy Marty when he was a puppy back  in 2014. Layla followed shortly after, and now the couple are famous on Instagram for the sheer variety of fashionable threads they've modelled together. The two are now so well-known that Emma jokes that their social lives are now more active than her own.

In a recent interview Emma stated: "I’d seen pugs in the film Men in Black and have been hooked ever since. The first time I saw Marty, I fell in love and knew I had to have him. He loves people, is so friendly and is the best companion ... Our weekends are literally planned around the dogs. In fact, the dogs have a better social life than me. They are invited to so many birthday parties, dog shows and pug meet ups that my social life and time with friends gets thrown out of the window."

She added: "I like them to wear something new each time we go to an event and would never want them to have a clash with any other dogs. As a woman, you’d be horrified if you were in the same outfit as someone else, and it’s the exact same for my pooches ... Now other owners ask me where Marty and Layla get their gorgeous clothes from and I can tell them they are completely unique ... I have a showreel for [Marty] now as I really want him to become the star I know she is. I know Marty and Layla love being dressed up. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t do it."

The dogs aren't just sartorially luxurious. Emma also spends extra cash on getting them trendy raw food for them, made by a specialist dog food company. She even lets them scoff down the occasional McDonald's Happy Meal as a special treat, and has a diary devoted to them to help her keep up-to-date with their various social functions.

Personally, I think the cute little clothes are more for Emma's benefit than the dogs. In my experience, dogs aren't too bothered by fashion faux pas, and clashing colours don't bother them. After all, they are colour blind. Still, there's no denying that these pugs certainly have style in spades.