Model 'marries' her dog after 220 failed dates with men

Model 'marries' her dog after 220 failed dates with men

For some people, finding a relationship and falling in love with a soul mate is as easy as putting on a pair of pants in the morning. We all know loved-up couples who just happened to bump into each other at a local bar and after hitting off, ended up spending the rest of their lives together.

However, on the contrary, some people can really struggle to find a lifelong partner. One woman, in particular, is former professional golfer turned model Elizabeth Hoad, who, after suffering through 221 disastrous dates with men, has decided to give them up entirely.

But despite swearing off men for good, Elizabeth hasn't decided to live her life alone or turn to women for companionship - no, no - she has decided to marry the one creature that has always been there for her; her dog.

Appearing on UK magazine show This Morning, Elizabeth informed hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that after being treated poorly by a slew of men, she intended to spend the rest of her life with her golden retriever, Logan - even going as far as to say she wanted to "marry him".

And the show didn't disappoint, going as far as to stage a ceremony for Elizabeth and Logan:

After recounting a VERY personal story about an ex-love interest and some saucy webcam antics, Elizabeth told the hosts: "I'm not working at the moment, I'm with him 24/7, and a lot of my friends said, 'Why don't you just marry [Logan]?'"

The 49-year-old model - who has been single for 13 years - has gone as far as to plan on the outfits for the occasion and she’s chosen the doggy friendly honeymoon. All she needs to do now is set a date for her and Logan's special day.

Fortunately, the show was able to stage an elaborate ceremony at the end of the show. (Does Logan look like he's having second thoughts, or is that just me?)

As baffling as all this is, Elizabeth did get the opportunity to explain that she rescued six-year-old Logan a year ago, and that he had suffered abuse at the hands of various families for the first four years of his life.

So despite the fact he's now got an overly-attached "wife", at least Logan is now in a home where he is loved.