Mom photoshops cockroaches onto son after he refused to take a bath

Mom photoshops cockroaches onto son after he refused to take a bath

If you're a parent then you'll probably know just how hard it is sometimes to convince your kids to wash. It seems as though kids have an aversion to bathing that's stronger than your average housecat, and will scream if even so much as a tiny teardrop of shampoo goes anywhere near their eyes. Yet, we all know how important it is for kids to practice good hygiene from an early age; so what's to be done?

Well, this week a mom on Facebook has gone viral after she confessed to digitally manipulating a picture of her sleeping son using a photoshop tool to convince her kid to wash himself more.

The picture was originally uploaded to the Facebook page Mommie Mania back in August of 2019, but has since been recirculated.

The image in question showed a little boy lying down and facing the wall, covered with photoshopped insects to make it look as though they were crawling all over him. The post was captioned: "He didn't want to take a bath, so I took a picture while he was sleeping and edited it with cockroaches. Now he takes a bath 10 times a day."

The image immediately garnered a lot of attention from social media users, accruing over 60,000 likes and more than 28,000 comments. While some people seemed to appreciate the scare tactic, others were less than impressed.

Check out this gross video showing a cockroach being removed from a woman's ear:

For instance, one Facebook user wrote: "When my son was about six he wasn’t very good at brushing his teeth. Well...we watched the Grinch and he had bugs crawling around in his teeth so I said if you don’t brush you’ll get bugs like the Grinch! He brushed all the time after that saying he didn’t want bugs in his teeth ? [sic]"

Meanwhile, another person added: "This is horrible! Why would anyone do this to a child? Yes, hygiene is necessary but mental health is equally important! Plus, studies show that children exposed to a myriad of germs can build a stronger immune system. This is more like Despicable Mom of Boys!!! [sic]"