Moment 2,000lb great white shark jumps from the water to tear chum bag from fisherman

Moment 2,000lb great white shark jumps from the water to tear chum bag from fisherman

It's fair to say that sharks are still pretty damn scary. It's been years since Jaws convinced cinemagoers to stay out of the water, for fear of one of these grey and bullet-shaped sea creatures tearing a chunk out of them while they paddle, but most people are still terrified of sharks to this day.

It has to be noted that shark attacks are a relatively rare phenomenon. But that doesn't stop them from being badass, and scary. Case in point, this frightening video which has recently gone viral on social media, which shows a 2,000lb great white shark jumping from out of the surface of the water to tear a bag of chum from a fisherman's boat.

The incident allegedly occurred about 30 miles off the coast of New Jersey on Monday, while a group of fisherman sailing in a boat named Big Nuts Required II encountered the 16-foot-long great white. Captain Jeff Crilly shot several videos of the scene, which he uploaded to social media upon reaching dry land, and later told the Asbury Park Press that he had "never seen anything like that."

He told news reporters: "I think it could've easily, if it wanted to, slid into the boat. It was like being in the movie 'Jaws.' That's the closest thing to it. Like, this is exactly what it was." Meanwhile, fellow fisherman Raymond Kerico stated: "We've been fishing together for 15 years, and it was the best moment probably we'll have ever on the water."

I suppose that human beings with always be fascinated by these magnificent, and deadly, predators. So why not check out this chilling picture of a gigantic shark taken by a diver off the coast of Mexico.