Owner horrified after pooch refuses to let go of sex toy it found during walk

Owner horrified after pooch refuses to let go of sex toy it found during walk

Any dog owner will tell you that sometimes your pet can find some pretty strange things while out on a walk. A happy pooch can mistake any long object that's been carelessly thrown away for a stick or some kind of canine toy.

But this next story definitely takes the (dog's) biscuit! This week a dog-owner was shocked and amused when her dog discovered a sex toy while they were out for a morning walk. The dog then refused to let go of an adult toy, which was all captured on video.

Take a look at the hilariously awkward moment in the video below: 

The trouble started when Lissa Cross, who hails from Canterbury in New Zealand, was walking her four-year-old Staffordshire Mastiff crossbreed Huni. Suddenly Huni disappeared into the undergrowth, only to reappear moments later with a silicon sex tox clamped between her jaws.

Writing on Facebook, Lissa said: "'Houston we have a problem' the dog found herself a new chew toy at the river and refuses to give it up!! How the hell do I make her understand this one and seriously WTF Ashburton hahahahahaha [sic]".

Lissa burst into laughter when she saw her pet with the NSFW object in her mouth. But Huni couldn't see what was so funny and she refused to let go. After an hour, Lisa was able to get the dog to release the rubber toy, which Lissa was forced to bury in a safe place to keep Huni away from it.

Lissa even recorded the whole incident, and since she found it so funny herself, she decided to share it on social media so other people could have a laugh at the comical scene. The video and pictures quickly went viral, and have attracted more than 2,000 likes, shares and comments so far.
However, this isn't the first time that a dog has gotten in trouble for chewing on a NSFW human toy. Indeed, this week a woman's Facebook status also went viral, after she came home to discover that her dog had chewed her sex toy to pieces while she was at work.

Stacey Eales, a business developer who hails from Nuneaton in Warwickshire, England, came into her home to discover a number of shattered pieces of pink plastic scattered across her staircase. Following the breadcrumb trail, she found her very guilty-looking dog hiding in her room.

It turned out that the French bulldog crossbreed Bugzy had gnawed her vibrator to pieces. Stacey later took to Facebook to share some pictures of the dog's naughty crime. She captioned the pictures with a joke ad that read: "FREE TO A GOOD HOME. Breed: Staffy X Frenchie. Reason: HE'S A T***. [sic]"

So if you own something that you don't want a pet to get ahold of, then please consider storing it somewhere safe. Or maybe don't throw it away so carelessly!