People are already selling their unwanted dogs online after receiving them as Christmas presents

People are already selling their unwanted dogs online after receiving them as Christmas presents

With Christmas having very recently come and gone, most of us are either reveling in our new gifts or still harboring feelings of resentment about the lack of effort  - or worse still, the lack of any present whatsoever.

I think we can all agree, though, that getting a puppy for Christmas is one of the best gifts you can receive. I mean, they're basically like a consistently lovable and playful member of the family.

However, despite Chrismas having been less than two weeks ago, it appears that a number of people are already selling dogs they bought as Christmas presents.

In fact, the free advertising website Gumtree has a number of listings from owners who are desperate to get rid of their new pups, with some even being sold for free.

One ad for a cane corso puppy (being sold for £600) read: "Bully is a puppy we got As a Christmas present we don’t really know if he has got any of his injections done."

Credit: Gumtree

It continued:

"He is really friendly and loves cuddles he is good with other dogs as-well but we haven’t got the time to look after him because everybody in our household works, or goes school and we have already got ourselves a little dog and we wasn’t ready for another."

Other listings are from those who want to find a new owner for their pups aged six months and under as they "don't have the energy" to play with the dog or are unable to cope with the "stress".

Credit: Gumtree

Another ad - which has since been removed - for a Cavachon puppy read: "I got a Cavachon puppy for Xmas for my kids but my son is allergic to it she s just 12 weeks [old]".

Credit: Gumtree

Another listing for a 10-week-old cockapoo read: "We only have had this gorgeous puppy a short time but sadly we realised it is causing too much stress for our cat, and all round. This has been a very difficult decision, as he really is so lovely."

Per MailOnline, Charity Dogs Trust said it received 277 calls from owners looking to re-home their dogs in the week of Christmas.

Charity Dogs Trust strongly advises against buying dogs on the internet, explaining that adverts "don't always give the full picture". The charity encourages owners to consult a rehoming charity first.

A spokesperson said: "It's very easy nowadays to choose a puppy at the click of a button but not all adverts give the full picture and the pups could even have been illegally imported into the country. We would always encourage potential dog owners to do their research first, especially before buying online."