People are now buying dog leggings to keep their pooch’s legs warm through winter

Every winter, you change your wardrobe to protect yourself from the elements. For example, here in Los Angeles, we have to endure the absolutely freezing temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit - brrrr! That means we have to wear long-sleeve shirts instead of short-sleeve shirts, and it is quite the ordeal. Of course, those living farther north suffer just a bit more, have break out parkas and stocking caps.

But what about your poor dog? They have fur to insulate them from from cold weather, but their legs and paws could use an extra layer of protection. Introducing Walkee Paws: leggings that keep your pooch's legs warm throughout the winter, and prevent them from tracking mud all over the house.

The concept of 'dog leggings' might sound silly, but they serve a purpose: The waterproof soles keep protect paws from snow and rain, as well as dangerous elements in the environment like broken glass.

Walkee Paws sells the leggings in four different prints: classic, confetti, cocoa and camouflage. The size varies from $19.99 and $29.99, depending on the size of your dog. If you're tired of cleaning up muddy prints on your carpet, that's a small price to pay.

Currently the product is only available in the United States, but that might change in the future if it becomes popular. Unfortunately, if you're hoping to buy one for a Xmas present, your options are limited: Some sizes and styles aren't available until 'mid-late January,' due to high demand.

Lisa Barnoff, who lives in New York City, founded Walkee Paws after making a pair of leggings for her cocker spaniel, Toffee. She found they worked perfectly for "outdoor walks both in and out of the city" and thought other dog-owners would love the product too. On her website, she explained how she created the unique leggings:

"My development and marketing experience in toys and pantyhose gave me the inspiration for the first Walkee Paws prototype. I cut a pair of my old pantyhose into little leggings, made to connect over Toffee’s back so the pantyhose stayed in place. The pantyhose acted like a sling, making the whole experience easy and comfortable for Toffee and they stayed on! From here, the idea for Walkee Paws was born.

"This process was tedious, with lots of trial and error during the development stage. The paw area took the longest amount of time. We needed the material to be comfortable and thin enough so Toffee could feel the ground while he was walking, yet strong enough to withstand water, pavement, snow, and general wear-and-tear from outdoor walking."

If you have questions about Walkee Paw's durability, sizing and resistance to poo and pee, check out Walkee Paws' Frequently Asked Questions. Unfortunately, the company does not say if the leggings will work for cats too, but hey, you could give it a shot! (Cats love when humans dress them up, right?)