Teen catches 700lb tuna after 10-hour battle

Teen catches 700lb tuna after 10-hour battle

A teenager has managed to score a 700lbs tuna, but only after a 10-hour struggle with the behemoth bluefin.

Devin Zelck, who hails from Hamilton, Massachusetts, US, reeled in the fish on Friday, and was understandably delighted with her catch.

"I was shocked! It was huge. We saw it come up onto the surface and we were like, 'Oh my goodness'," the 18-year-old told Boston 25.

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Zelck's father is commercial fisherman, Steve Zelck, and the pair were eagerly awaiting the day she'd catch her first tuna. "My dad caught his first tuna at 13, so it's kind of been a competition between me and my brother," she continued to the publication.

And it proved to be quite the achievement. The tuna reportedly dragged the boat eight miles from its anchor before submitting.

"It was just so exciting. Like you have to be there, like you have to catch it yourself to know how exciting it is," Zelck added.

Zelck's father insists that the catch was the result of his daughter's efforts alone. "She was just instrumental in the whole fight," he told the publication.

Per Boston 25, bluefin tuna can sell for anywhere between £5 - £10 ($6 - $12) per pound. While the teen does not know how much she will get for her fish, she will be putting the proceeds towards her college education.