Terrifying moment a huge shark has its tail chomped off by an even bigger shark

Terrifying moment a huge shark has its tail chomped off by an even bigger shark

A fishing party watched in utter horror from their boat as the large shark they were attempting to reel in had its tail bitten by an even bigger shark, a video shows.

The beginning of the video starts fairly innocently, as a man can be heard trying to teach a female member of the party the best fishing techniques. All seems completely under control

However, this is merely the calm before the storm...

This is the startling moment a monster shark bites the tail off of a smaller shark:

The shark-on-shark attack, which was filmed off the coast of Miami, Florida last April, occurred moments after a female member of the party reeled in a bull shark.

"Looks like a big bull shark," a male member of the party remarks. The female angler who caught the bull shark is initially advised to go "slow and steady" when reeling it in.

"There she comes," a male voice is heard saying before the second much larger shark suddenly comes into view.

An intimidating shark. Credit: Getty

"Look at the shark trying to eat that shark," one of the spectators exclaims. "Holy s**t!"

In a scene which makes for very gory viewing, the monster shark makes its sinister appearance and proceeds to bite the tail off of the shark caught on the fishing line.

But in spite of the very serious injury the smaller shark has been inflicted with, the creature continues to thrash around, while still very much attached to the hook.

The gripping clip then shows other sharks begin circling the now-bloodied water.

Considering the group had set out to catch tarpon rather than sharks, the incident came as a huge shock to them.