Tiny kitten spotted with face marking resembling another tiny cat

Tiny kitten spotted with face marking resembling another tiny cat

We have reported on a lot of unique cats over the last few months. Just today we introduced you to Xherdan the Canadian Sphynx cat, who has become incredibly popular on social media for looking like a grump "brain".

And back in September, we wrote about rescue cat Daisy, who was struggling to find a forever home due to the fact she had an unfortunate marking on her head that resembled a member.

And who could forget the hilarious reactions these pet cats were having to their owners using the feline filter:

But now, we may have found the cutest kitty we have ever covered on VT. We all know cats come in all shapes and sizes, with different colors and personalities - but this adorable feline may be the most unique cat you'll ever see.

The cat was spotted and shared to social media by Twitter user @TOKAITRICK_bot, who was able to snap pics of the kitten in the unspecified location.

Surrounded by a group of other cats, this particular kitty stood out as a result of its unique facial markings - markings that legitimately look like the silhouette of another teeny tiny cat resting on the cat's nose.

Pictures of the cat were tweeted along with the caption, "I have a cat on my nose" (according to Google Translate).

Another Twitter user, @phootahh, was able to share a short video of the cat, along with the caption: "Kitty has a kitty on her nose."

The videos and pictures recirculated on the social media platform last month, and @TOKAITRICK_bot shared an update with their followers revealing that they were now "playing" with the unique kitty:

According to Google Translate, the tweet reads: "Thank you for your introduction. Immediately after the video, we are currently playing with our cat."

The Daily Star reports that the cute cat is believed to be a stray, but looking at @TOKAITRICK_bot's recent tweets, it's possible they may have provided the unique cat with a forever home since first sharing pictures of the cat back in 2017.