Video shows fearless dog standing up to leopard after attack in woods

Video shows fearless dog standing up to leopard after attack in woods

You know, sometimes we don't give dogs enough credit. They've been man's best friend since time immemorial, protecting our families and guarding our homes for countless generations. They provide emotional support when we're down, and play with us when we want to let off steam. They're silly enough to enjoy their antics at a distance and cute enough for us to dote on.

Yet lately, dogs are best known on the internet for doggo memes and videos of them acting stupid. In a way, it's almost patronising how we treat our pets and loyal companions. After all, what other species apart from humans can hold down a job in the police force? Not bad for an animal that likes to drink out of the toilet. But if you've forgotten just how badass dogs can really be, then check out the video below, which shows an epic stand-off that's a hundred times more intense than the entirety of Batman vs Superman (not that that's saying much).

A video has emerged of a dog (which looks to be a golden labrador at a glance) being suddenly and dramatically attacked while standing at a dirt path on September 2, at the Jhalana safari park, near Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. Now a leopard is a formidable jungle predator, and so you might well assume that it was curtains for the poor mutt. But this dog is apparently like the Chuck Norris of the canine world, and so immediately wriggled out of the leopard's way.

What then? The dog was left staring eyeball-to-eyeball with a fearsome big cat. Did it run away? Hell no! The dog began ferociously barking at the leopard (whose name is Juliet according to forest officials working at the safari park) and the cat was so freaked out by the doggo's display of aggression that it backed off. Yeah, you read that right: the leopard was too frightened of the dog to make another move. Let me tell you, that dog can't be neutered, because he must have balls of steel.

Workers at the safari park witnessed the scene, and began filming the stand-off. The video was then uploaded to social media, and has managed to rack up an insane amount of views. Suffice to say, viewers were left dumbfounded by the dog's incredible display of courage. Commenting on the dramatic encounter later, one of the safari workers stated: "Juliet left quietly as there were visitors in jeeps behind the dog. If not, it is unlikely that the dog would have survived the encounter."

So there you have it folks, it's true what they say: every dog has its day. Next time your pooch does something stupid, like locking itself in a room, or chewing your slippers, just remember that it has the potential to stand up to a leopard. Hmm, maybe I should take my dog's warnings about the vacuum cleaner a little more seriously ...