Disgusting video shows people riding on the back of defenseless sea turtle

Disgusting video shows people riding on the back of defenseless sea turtle

A disgusting video of people in Indonesia riding on the back of a leatherback sea turtle has surfaced online.

It is believed that the clip - which shows people of a range of ages sitting on top of the unsuspecting and defenseless creature - was filmed on Friday, July 5, at Asukweri beach.

The turtle had reportedly crawled onto the beach to lay its eggs when locals began taking advantage of it purely for their own amusement, MSN reports.

This is the distressing moment people take it in turns to ride the distressed sea turtle:

The video begins with an older man sitting on top of the turtle while being encouraged to do so by several onlookers. Then another man appears behind holding what appears to be the branch of a tree.

After the first man has had his 'turn', other members of the crowd have a go, including a younger man who is seen eating a snack while climbing on top of the creature. One man can then be seen climbing on top of the turtle with a child.

Even more disturbingly, the video shows one member of the crowd throwing sand at the visibly distressed animal. He then proceeds to shove it and grab one of its flippers.

rising a sea turtle Credit: Newsflare screenshot

The same man then decides to stand on the turtle's hind flippers as it tries to disappear back into the water - far away from its tormentors as possible.

This particular species of sea turtle, known as the leatherback sea turtle, lute turtle or leathery turtle, is the largest of its kind and can even weigh more than half a tonne once it is fully grown.

The number of leatherback sea turtles has seen a rapid decline in the last few years, and this is primarily due to plastic pollution, fishing nets. and lobster traps.

The local authorities have yet to address the alarming content of the video.