Wendy's employees left horrified after they found a mouse inside a pack of burger buns

Wendy's employees left horrified after they found a mouse inside a pack of burger buns

If you give out a lot of sass, you better be able to take it. If the time ever comes when you mess up and you have to face the world after all the trash you've been talking, you better be ready. Today, a little red-haired, social media savvy, fast food princess needs to find an answer to some pretty gross news.

Workers at a Wendy's in Oklahoma got a shock after seeing a mouse crawling around on the food they were about to serve. Employees at the fast-food chain in Tulsa were so concerned about the cleanliness of the restaurant, they decided to video the rodent in order to prove it to their bosses.

The clip shared by Fox - but originally shared by Skylar Frame - shows a live mouse among the hamburger buns complete with faeces running throughout the packaging and all. She shared it after management seemed to avoid taking action.

Talking to the Wave news, Skylar says, "I just hear Mouse, mouse, mouse! I'm like, 'we do not have mice in this store, what?' I go back there and the mouse is moving around in the big buns." Wendy's didn't seem too bothered, however.

The Wendy's team said in a statement to Wave that they were made aware of the situation and take the matter very seriously. An investigation has since been launched with local the pest control office. Staff at the restaurant also say this latest episode doesn't surprise them with levels of hygiene being at an all-time low.

Even before the incident was reported last week, loose cigarettes were often left in the preparation area. 'The managers they're just like: 'Yeah we'll get to it, yeah it's not really that big of an issue,"' Frame said. Earlier in June, a rat was also found roaming around the kitchens and then the mouse was found making the most of the burger buns.

Samantha Niebelink, another employee, says, "The manager told me: 'Just take a new rack and get the buns underneath.' That was just disgusting because last time there was rat faeces it was dribbling underneath every other rack." Employees are now threatening to quit on the job if managers don't start taking the health code violations seriously.

Niebelink continues, "There was this one guy he was sick, he was a sandwich maker, and he was not wearing gloves. He was rubbing his nose, he was making them, and he didn't care if the buns were toasted or not, he was just throwing them out. I thought I was going to throw up."

Wendy's head office has released a statement, saying: "Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and customers. We have stringent procedures in place to ensure a safe and well-maintained restaurant."

Despite the employee's video and verbal allegations, Wendy's corporate said there were no reported violations in the last inspection report for that particular location. Even when the local health department visited on Friday, no violations were found during the inspection. It's going to be hard to tweet your way out of this one Wendy's.