Yet another man has been fatally gored by a bull in Spanish town

Yet another man has been fatally gored by a bull in Spanish town

As Spain's infamous 'Running of the Bulls' event continues, it has been revealed that a 59-year-old father-of-three has lost his life after being fatally gored during the Spanish street festival.

Per the Daily Mail, local media has identified the man as Vicente Asensio Martinez, with several reports claiming he was gored three times - twice in the abdomen, and once in the leg. He lost his life on his way to a nearby hospital.

The incident occurred at 8:45am on Saturday, during the Chiva municipality in the eastern region of Valencia during the 'Torico de la Cuerda' ('Running of the Bulls') - an event where groups of civilians run in front of a small group of cattle that have been let loose in a sectioned-off subset of a town.

The Mail reports that a second man was also gored at the event, but managed to survive.

Pictures and footage from the event show the moment the bull charged at a group of people trapped in a doorway.

Warning - Some people may find the following footage distressing: 

Commission President Juanjo Farinas revealed that Asensio Martinez was a father to three daughters who live in Valencia, and that he was visiting Chiva on vacation.

Despite the tragedy, officials did not cancel the event, but the city council did announce two minutes of silence to honor Asensio Martinez. The council also added that the event "had all the security measures and insurance required by law".

It is still unknown what happened to the bull. reports that 16 people have died during the event, since the first recorded fatality in 1922. The tradition originally dates back to the 13th century.

This year's event came to a close on August 19.

The news of Asensio Martinez's death comes just hours after animal rights activists captured footage of a young bull collapsing from exhaustion after being forced to perform.

Once again, some viewers may find this footage upsetting:

The footage was captured at a French bullfighting school, where, according to One Voice, children as young as six are taught bullfighting. And towards the end of the year, the students can allegedly earn a "reward" where they end the life of a young bull in the arena in front of a crowd of spectators.